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How to choose your migration agent

Updated: 2 years ago
Customers, just like you, leave customer reviews about the migration agents they have worked with. 

So when choosing and connecting with a migration agent, read their customer reviews to see how customers found working with the specific agent. Also, migration agents can reply to customer reviews, so you can see how different Agents respond and interact with customers.

Customer reviews are a powerful way to understand what it is like to work with different agents. So take some time to read and review as you make your selections. 
Updated: 2 years ago
Checking a migration agents areas of expertise can help you to find one who has assisted people that are similar to you. 

When viewing an agents profile, you can see the different areas that they focus on from visa classes and subvisa class types, to industries where they have experience. In addition, agents can highlight any other specialisations they have. 

Some agents focus more on education, whilst others are experts in different industries such as medical, engineering or finance. Select an agent who understands and has experience with people who are similar to you can help you to navigate the specific requirements that you face.
Updated: 2 years ago
Finding an agent who speaks your language can make all the difference as you look to navigate migrating to Australia. 

Look for migration agents who have added languages to their profile, this will enable you to communicate in a common language. There are over 100+ languages that Agents can indicate they speak and understand.

On you can see what languages an agent can speak and you can find all the agents, education agents and lawyers who speak different languages. 
Updated: 2 years ago
There are 384 migration agents, education agents and migration lawyers featured on and these people come from 396 different branches. 

When connecting with a migration professional, you can connect with a few or focus on only one. The choice is yours.

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Updated: 2 years ago is a platform, powered by Bupa, to help more customers find and connect with you. 

Through you are able to update and control your individual and company profiles. Making it easy for customers to find and connect with you online.  When customers send a lead through to you, you'll be notified straight away via email and SMS. 

The site supports your digital marketing efforts and enables you to benefit from the larger audience that it brings together. 
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Your profile is your personal space. You can update and make changes to it at any time and as often as you want.

To update your profile, go to the profile tab in your AdvisrMe dashboard and make any changes you want.

Remember to save any changes you make, by scrolling to the bottom once you've made your required changes.

For step by step instructions, check out this video:
Updated: 1 year ago
It is great to have you as a part of this site. 

At launch, there are around 384 migration agents, education agents and migration lawyers featured on and these people come from about 396 different branches all over Australia.

If you'd like to know more please talk with your Bupa Relationship Manager.  
Updated: 2 years ago
Reach out to your Bupa Relationship Manager if you have more questions about the site and how to use it. Your Relationship Managers are their to support you and the site aims to help you grow your business.