Migration Advisr Review Guidelines

We value your contributions and encourage your reviews as they help others make important decisions. We also want to make sure that Advisr is a safe and trustworthy source for information around insurance brokers and brokerages. To help us with this goal, we ask that you abide by the following rules for leaving reviews:


To keep content fresh, we ask that you stick to writing about experiences that occurred within the past year.


We do not allow reviews that contain links or content solely included for promotional purposes.


Keep your reviews relevant and helpful to others – keep in mind they are reading your review to understand what an experience with the business might be like. For this reason, please don’t include any personal opinions about politics, ethics, religion or wider social issues. If you have a question or comment for Advisr.Me about our moderation policies, you can contact us via Advisr Support.


Reviews are most helpful when they provide unbiased advice. We don't allow individuals or entities who own or are affiliated with a brokerage or broker to post reviews of their business or competing organisations. Reviews submitted in an attempt to blackmail a listing will not be published. If you suspect a review is fake or doesn't meet Advisr's posting guidelines, please contact Advisr Support.


Our community wants to hear about your experience. This means no second-hand information, rumors or quotations from other sources. Please only provide reviews based on substantial experiences you’ve had and be sure to include enough detail in your review that other customers will find your advice helpful.

Easy to Read

Please make your review easy to read for others. Be clear when providing or citing examples. Please avoid any personally identifiable information within your review.

Listed by Advisor

Submissions must relate directly to the broker or brokerage to which it is submitted, so please ensure you are submitting your content to the correct listing on Advisr.

Poor or Bad reviews

Poor experiences can happen and we want you to tell us when they do. However, we make sure to request additional information when poor reviews are received to ensure that we have sufficient details around where the review has come from. Poor reviews require email verification. If the review is not associated with the services that were provided it will not be published.

Replying to Poor or Bad Reviews

Replying to Poor or Bad Reviews

Advisr.Me wants you to have the opportunity to respond to any reviews placed on your Advisr.Me profile property listing Agents can reply to any review that has been left on their individual or corporate profile. To reply, please login to Advisr.Me and post your reply via your Advisr dashboard, under Reviews.

The guidelines for posting a response to reviews are that responses must be:

Family Friendly

No profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech or other non-family-friendly content. No graphic reports of violent criminal activity or reports of first-hand participation in illegal activity.


Responses are posted below the review. They are read by general Advisr.Me users, and therefore should be written in a manner that is representative of the customer service policies of your business.


No promotional material of any kind, including incentives for customers to engage you, loyalty programs and URLs that are irrelevant to the review in question. We reserve the right to reject any URL.

Easy to read

No HTML tags and no excessive ALL CAPS, slang, formatting issues, repeated text, or typographic symbols. Use the correct alphabet for the language in which you are writing. Do not transliterate into another alphabet. Machine translated management responses that are unreadable or incomprehensible will not be accepted. We will reject management responses written in two languages.

Replies to reviews from brokers and brokerages are published immediately.

Replies can be edited at any time via your broker dashboard and are viewable by your brokerage, any networks you are associated with and the general public.